Saturday, September 7, 2013

To be a waterfowl, observe!

Went out to Moraine State Park today, and I got to try out my dad's fishing kayak. We spotted a great egret from the waterfowl observation deck, so I wanted to go in for a closer look.

Taken by my dad

The lake by the deck was almost completely grown in by lily pads and other water plants, but I managed to slowly maneuver close to where the egret was. As I snuck up on the egret, I noticed some people at the observation deck, observing me! Now I know what it's like to be a waterfowl...kinda sorta?

A red-tailed hawk flies overhead

Osprey fishing technique (I should try it out someday)

So after an hour of creeping up on him and getting side tracked taking pictures of other birds, I finally get up pretty close to the egret and get some pictures in..

I think he noticed me....

"What's that?? It doesn't look like a waterfowl! I'd better fly away!"

He didn't stick around very long, (I guess I didn't fool him with my waterfowl act) but I got these other pictures of a dragonfly, a great blue heron in a tree...

I'm not a bird, but here I am posing please take my picture!

"What do you mean, great blue heron?? There's no herons here! Only us tree limbs! Nope, no great blue herons."

All in all, it was a good day. Birding total of the day was: 3 great blue herons, one osprey, one red tailed hawk, one great egret, 4 turkey vultures, 2 belted kingfishers, a bunch of canada geese, and a bunch of mallard ducks.

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